I am very much opposed to Gov. Paul LePage. I worked with the Eliot Cutler campaign and really think Cutler should be our governor.

When Cutler lost, he told us to have faith in LePage, that LePage would make it work. I have not seen anything work yet.

LePage has been in office for more than a month and what has he accomplished? He has been on the front page of the newspaper every week for something that is considered humiliating.

He supports negative changes in environmental protections and making fireworks legal.

He wants to change the public education system. Granted, the education system needs work, but his plan is crazy.

He doesn’t know how to talk to people. He doesn’t know how to be respectful.

He tells everyone his life story and what he overcame. That’s OK, but how does that help Maine and make it a better state? Just because he had to work his way up does not mean he can govern a state.

What good did he do for Waterville?

From what I read every day in the newspaper and watch on the news, I have no hope for him, and I’m convinced he will only make things worse here in Maine.

There must be something the voters of Maine — the 61 percent of the population who did not vote for him — can do to impeach him.

We need to make it happen.

Shauni Morrison, Lewiston

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