BETHEL — A Telstar Middle School boy was unanimously readmitted to classes by the SAD 44 board Monday night after an executive session.

Superintendent David Murphy said the boy was expelled in January following a drug-related incident in December. He said the boy met all the criteria required so he could re-enter school. The boy was the first expulsion at SAD 44 this school year.

In other matters, Murphy said information about the 2011-12 operating budget has been delayed until the impact of additional state aid promised by Gov. Paul LePage is known.

The district is expecting a $1.2 million budget gap that can either be funded by higher school taxes or cuts from the operating budget, or a combination or both.

Once the new state figure is known, the board will continue work on a proposed operating budget in meetings every other week.

The board has already reduced district costs by about $140,000 by issuing plans to move the central office from the former Ethel Bisbee School to a space at Norway Savings Bank, and by restructuring Woodstock Elementary School.

The current year’s budget is $9.1 million.

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