In 1962, I purchased a .22 semi-automatic rifle for $15 at a local pawn shop. I did not have to say who I was or where I lived.

At the same time, a woman who wanted an abortion had to be in a medical emergency to have a legal abortion.

The other night, I was going to purchase a .410 shotgun to kill gray squirrels that have invaded my house. For all I know, it may be illegal to shoot gray squirrels now, which would really be bizarre in comparison to abortion on demand.

Anyway, I had to show a state identification card with my current address, give a current phone number, tell where I was born and answer a host of questions about what manner of man I am. As a result, I chose not to purchase the shotgun.

If a woman wants an abortion today, she does not have to answer any questions posed by the state and federal government. She has the right to kill her unborn child, as it is nobody’s business but her own and there are tax-supported organizations that will encourage her do this.

There is something oddly wrong with that state of affairs.

I can imagine I will get several suggestions of how to rid my house of the squirrels without killing them. Shouldn’t there be the same consideration for the unborn when each one of us has come from our mother’s womb?

Mark Wood, Poland

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