JAY — The Jay High School honors list for the second quarter has been announced.


High honors: Marlee Dubord, Brianna Farrington, Britni Hutchinson, Bethany Moore.

Honors: Matthew Beaudette, Connor Boynton, Mariah Buote, Jordan D Couture, Jordan P. Couture, Lindsay Couture, Garrett Dee, Shauni Flagg, Naomi Gettle, Dustin Hargreaves, Dean Lorrain, Karisa Macomber, Kayla Maurais, Mariah McKenna, Cassandra Plante, Kyle Storer.


High honors: Alexi Deering, Samantha Hutchinson, Megan Labbe.

Honors: Briana Corriveau, Kendra Page, Kaitlyn Smith, Dylan White.


Honors: Devon Autrey, Brianna Beaupre, Dakota Cochran, Haley Cook, Hayley Fortier, Shauna Gordon, Melanie Robitaille.


High honors: Emily Taylor, Erik Taylor.

Honors: Chelsey Boulay, Taylor Boynton, Austin Couture, Joshua Daigle, Randi Duguay, Adam Gettle, Scott Hall, Brianna Martin, Kayla Meserve, Jennifer Nichols, Victoria Ouellette, Lucas Preble, Corey Ridley, Kelsye Smith.

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