I think there should be some close scrutiny of the state Attorney General’s Office. The attorney general got plenty of media coverage and attention for his decision to jump in on the suit that challenges the Affordable Care Law, but what is that department doing for people in the state?

I have received a number of counterfeit checks in response to for-sale ads I’ve posted online. Those checks, made out for substantial sums higher than my selling price, come along with the scam that asks that I cash the check and send the difference back to a shipper who will come and pick up the item.

When I notified the Attorney General’s Office of the crime, personnel there told me to take it to my Post Office and it would go to the postal inspectors. That, despite the fact that those things do not come by regular mail; they are sent through UPS or FedEx.

I had the same issue last year and was told by the Attorney General’s Office that it was too busy to investigate.

Too busy to investigate a real crime in the state? That’s a real crime, in my opinion.

Terry Donald, Litchfield

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