Here’s some food for thought:

All types of media sources inform the public on a daily basis that obesity is becoming a national health problem of epidemic proportions. On the other hand, we are being told how beneficial blueberries are, and why they should be included in a daily diet.

So, why would any logical-thinking person want to choose whoopie pies as a state dessert?

Blueberries are one of Maine’s natural resources, and heart-healthy to boot.

Personally, I’d prefer a blueberry pie instead of a whoopie pie any day.

Consider how versatile blueberries are: baked not only into pie, but also muffins, bread and jam. They are served with cereal, ice cream and yogurt. Blueberries can even be turned into wine and cordials.

Can anyone do that with whoopie pies? I don’t think so.

Let Pennsylvania have whoopie pies if it wants that claim to fame.

Barbara G. Underwood, Lisbon

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