It is formed according to which side of the fence a person lives on.

In “Grading the governor” (Feb. 6), Will Fessenden of Sabattus has a perception of Maine counter to that of many Lewiston property taxpayers.

Welfare is not a problem in Maine? Perhaps he might want to take off his dark glasses when driving through Lewiston.

Lewiston has many generational welfare families, many unemployable people and a large number of new Mainers. That results in an increased tax burden on property taxpayers in order to fund programs to support those individuals.

Perhaps, in a future column, Fessenden could put forth a plan to diversify Sabattus and the surrounding communities in order to alleviate the financial burden placed on Lewiston property taxpayers.

With regard to the NAACP, it, like the Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce, is a special-interest group. The chamber looks to increase tax revenues and create jobs. It wants to bring prosperity to Maine. The NAACP wants to drain Maine’s tax revenues by adding additional entitlements. Income versus expenditures. Thank God Gov. Paul LePage is being “held hostage” by those revenue-producing groups.

Fessenden warns against LePage’s environmental policies, designed to make Maine more business friendly, by using the well-worn chant “Harmful to children.” That usually means one has no credible argument against what the governor is doing.

Perhaps buying a house in Lewiston and paying a mill rate greater than he currently pays might just alter Fessenden’s perception.

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston

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