Recently, Lady Gaga appeared on “The Jay Leno Show” wearing sunglasses and dressed up in her usual custom-made attire that should be worn only at a freak show. After a while, she decided to remove her sunglasses, revealing makeup that made her look like a raccoon.

She was also interviewed on “60 Minutes” just before the Grammy Awards, wearing a shirt and panties, looking like Bertha Butts.

At the Grammy Awards, she became the main attraction when she came out of an eggshell to do her song and dance act. She also performed later, wearing a different costume. Despite her gaudy-looking appearance, she did manage to walk away with a Grammy Award.

I’m just wondering what she is going to wear for Halloween. She may surprise everyone by going naked and people will think that she forgot to press her costume.

Robert P. Lacombe, Sabattus

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