WILTON — Police are investigating a home invasion on Main Street Monday night. A resident of the home fired a shotgun and the invaders, multiple people, fled, said Wilton Police Chief Dennis Brown.

Shortly after 9 p.m., the resident heard a noise at the back door of the home. He walked to it and saw someone had a hand looped in through the back door, an exterior door on a porch leading in to the house. It had a hook latch on the inside of the door and he was ripping the door open, Brown said.

The resident yelled for him to stop and told his elderly mother to call police.

He went back to the door with a shotgun, warned the intruders that he had a gun but they continued in their efforts to break the latch. The resident shot one round from the shotgun and the suspects fled up the hill to Curve Street where they left in an dark-colored SUV type vehicle.

There was no sign that anyone was injured and neither were the residents of the home, Brown said.

A canine tracking team from Franklin County Sheriff’s Department was called in but did not find anything. Police do have a couple people of interest and are continuing their investigation, said Brown.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Wilton department at 645-3876.

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