RANGELEY — While most are familiar with using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to search the Internet, the Rangeley Public Library has created a custom search engine that will allow anyone to search the Internet directly from the Rangeley Library Web page at www.rangeleylibrary.com.

The custom search engine, called “Internet Quick Links,” will search the vast number of Web sites that have been built into the search engine without giving information overload.

“What we have accomplished through the Web site is really a one-stop information center. When someone goes to the Rangeley Public Library Web site they can now search the Internet, search the library’s collection of materials and, if needed, they can apply for a library card right at the site. This really expands the capabilities of the library,” said Director Martin Gagnon.

By selecting the sites to be searched, the staff can help limit the number of results and make certain the sites are of top quality. While a search of the Internet Quick Hits engine will give about 50 search results for the term ozone layer, the standard Google search will yield 1.9 million results.

“For people looking to get information quickly, especially a student, trying to sift through 1.9 million results can be frustrating and tedious. However, if you only have to sift through the 50 yielded by the Internet Quick Hits custom search engine then it is much faster. The other bonus is that if they use the Internet Quick Hits they will only get solid sites with accurate information,” said Gagnon.

The search engine includes the collections of the Internet Public Library, several travel sites, school help sites and science sites. The search engine can be found on the left hand side of the library Web site at www.rangeleylibrary.com.

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