This is in response to Angelo Giberti (Feb. 13) and Dee Dumais (Feb. 18). Anyone reading their letters would think professional hockey players wear loincloths and wield clubs. Ridiculous.

The Lewiston Maineiacs — as team doctor Paul Cain, team dentist Jim Helmkamp, and team trainer Brian Morrison would tell anyone — follow many rules and equipment mandates put in place at the league level to protect players from injury. Many injuries happen secondary to stick, puck, checking events in the course of a game. Take away all of those, and you’ve got “Disney on Ice.”

It’s wonderful they support club hockey in the area, but I believe I speak for many when I say Maineiacs hockey is the best hockey in the state. Slick moves, flashy saves, edge-of-your-seat skills are all there.

This is not a goon league, and fighting is not the status quo. The game Giberti saw was an anomaly. I haven’t seen that many fights in a few years.

Usually fights are strategically placed and, no, they don’t happen every game. As I look forward to the playoffs, I say, “Go Maineiacs.”

Sarah Alto, Lisbon

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