BRIDGTON — A grade-school playground will be the forum for a high-stakes contest Saturday at the Four Square World Championship.

Players from New England and beyond will flock to the event, a fundraiser for the Lakes Environmental Association. Peter Lowell, executive director for the association, said last year’s event attracted more than 100 participants and this year he expects as least as many.

The game is played on four large squares marked out on the ground. A player stands in each square, bouncing a playground ball into other players’ squares. If a ball bounces into your square and out of the game-play area, the player who served the ball scores points.

“We came up with it as a way to kind of stave off boredom in the winter,” Lowell said. He said Squarefour, a four square league based in Cambridge, Mass., shows up each year. When the tournament began in 2005, they helped set the rules.

Lowell said the championship was held at Bridgton Town Hall in the early years, but as the event grew they were forced to move to the gymnasium at Bridgton Academy.

The championship is set for 5 to 9 p.m. Anyone interested in participating needs only to show up at Bridgton Academy on Saturday with $10. Bridgton Academy requires participants to wear non-scuffing shoes.

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