DEAR SUN SPOTS: My sister, Joline Miller, lived in Lewiston. She went missing in November 2002 and was found April 3, 2003.

I am not at peace, it has been almost eight years since her death, and I am trying desperately to find anyone to talk to who might have known my sister. I just want to talk to some of her old friends. I live everyday wondering what happened to my sister, with no answer ever to be found.

Since I live in Pennsylvania, there is not much I can do. I looked up any information I could here in this paper, and I only found one story. I know there were more.

I would also like to find her obituary. Can anyone help me, please? — Amanda Audet, 2507 Linn St., Williamsport, PA 17701, [email protected], 570-651-9437

ANSWER: Sun Spots is sorry to hear about your sister. She looked up everything she could find on Joline and thanks to some invaluable help from colleague Corey LaFlamme found three stories. The first, published Dec. 2, 2002, was about a sexual harassment case Joline was bringing against a former employer.

A March 6, 2003, story recounted how police were looking for Joline, who had been missing since late 2002. The third story, available at, was dated April 5, 2003, and said that the investigation into Joline’s death was ongoing, but that foul play was not suspected.

Sun Spots then turned to the Lewiston Police Department, where she spoke to Sgt. O’Malley, who was one of the investigating detectives on your sister’s case. He looked up the report and said that it might answer some of your questions, but there is a fee of $2.75 per page to obtain a copy. To do so, call the LPD at 207-513-3001 and ask for the records department. You can pay for the report with a credit card, and they will mail it to you.

You could also request a copy of the coroner’s report. You can contact the Maine Medical Examiner’s Office at 207-624-7180 or e- mail [email protected] There may also be a fee for this report. Details of obtaining it can be found at

O’Malley said as there was no sign of violence in her death (the cause of death was not determined) the case is not active.

As for any obituary, Sun Spots didn’t find one. You could check with the funeral home that took charge after your sister’s death. Funeral homes usually take responsibility for placing and paying for obituaries and then bill the family for them. If there was no one to pay for an obituary, one may not have been placed.

Sun Spots e-mailed you the information not available online. Hopefully, one of your sister’s friends will contact you and fill in some of the gaps for you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Lewiston-Auburn Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative and Healthy Androscoggin will be having a free workshop for Lewiston and Auburn parents and teens called Families in Action.

It is a six-week workshop with sessions held on six consecutive Wednesdays starting March 2 at 6 p.m. Families in Action is a program that helps parents and teens get a better understanding of each other and help them to better get along.

Families will learn important information and strategies in the areas of courage and self esteem, responsibility and discipline, cooperation and communication, teen behavior and problem solving.

Families in Action also provides parents with 10 powerful prevention strategies in the areas of substance abuse, violence and sexuality. Families in Action is completely free, and free meals will be provided to participants.

Parents can contact me to register. More information can be found at — Scott M. Gagnon, substance abuse prevention coordinator, 795-2120, [email protected]

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