I disagree with Marcel Pare (Feb. 20) where he claims that school classes of 30 or more would be disastrous. My generation and preceding ones were and are products of class sizes that were typically 30 to 40 or more students. That was fact in public and parochial schools.

We all learned and most of us prospered as well.

Those who taught us were strict disciplinarians who had no assistants of any kind. They were there to teach and they did not attempt to be pals or buddies with students. Such was not their job.

At issue today is undisciplined children who are allowed to rum amok in the classroom.

Pare takes issue with the current governor and his wish to have larger class sizes but, unless I am wrong, Gov. Paul LePage is yet another successful product of large class sizes and strong discipline.

I applaud him.

Dennis Breton, Rumford

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