With the poor economy, school budgets are being reduced; some programs might be cut. Two of the first things that come to mind for many are the music and art programs.

Music is the last thing that should be getting cut from schools. I know this from personal experience. Music is my life and I’ve been a disciplined musician since I was 6. My discipline from music has helped me in school and, as a result, I am an honor student.

I am surrounded by music every day, but most kids aren’t that lucky. Music needs to stay in school so students don’t miss out on opportunities that could change their lives.

According to articles I have read by Peggy Epstein and Stephanie Hicks, music has been proven to improve brain development in children, helping them learn to read, perform, work together, learn fractions and boost self-confidence. The arts also give kids a chance to express themselves in a way that no other subject can.

Though we may not study science or history our whole life, music will always be with us.

Further proof that the arts are worth keeping in schools can be found by looking at the school district in Farmington. Schools there have a strong music program with 106 band members and almost all of them are honor students. If they can do it, other schools can, too.

There must be better ways to save money than to cut music and art.

Trevor Laliberte, student, Auburn Middle School

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