Animal abuse is a big issue and it needs to stop. People who abuse an animal should go to jail and not just get a fine. If people abuse an animal once and get just a fine, they are likely to do it again. If they go to jail, they are probably going to think twice.

Also, if nothing is done, more and more animals will be put in shelters and it will be harder to find homes for those animals.

Animals are just as important as people. If a person is abused, the abuser would probably go to jail; but if somebody abuses an animal, they get only a fine.

Seventy percent of people who abuse an animal have a record for other crimes, according to the American Humane Association. That just shows the laws must be enforced more so that does not happen to pets.

Laws about how many pets a person can have vary from state to state, but people should not have more than they can care for.

Local government officials need to enforce the laws or pass a new law that states that people convicted of harming animals will get jail time.

Abby Roy, student, Auburn Middle School

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