Cyber-bullying is a big problem for teens. I think cyber-bullying is making schools an unsafe place for some kids because they do not want to go and get bullied.

According to the ABC News report “Going After Cyber-bullies,” about 42 percent of all kids have experienced cyber-bullying. People might not think that is a big deal, but I think it is because that is almost half the nation’s children.

According to the article “The Rise of Cyber-Bullying,” in 2006, one out of every eight young people say that cyber-bullying is worse then physical bullying. When someone is physically bullying someone, it may cause pain for a little while; but when someone posts something online, it might stay there forever.

We should put a stop to cyber-bullying by trying to put a lot more security on all  social networking sites. Even though they already have some, there should be more.

Everyone who gets cyber-bullied or who has gotten cyber-bullied in the past should let someone know so that teachers, parents or even school counselors can put a stop to cyber-bullying right away so it doesn’t go any further. People need to know how dangerous cyber-bullying can be.

Kelsie Latham, student, Auburn Middle School

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