Do people really think that an RSU is the answer to quality education in Litchfield, Sabattus and Wales? Case in point — Oak Hill High School in Wales.

For many years this was the school with such innovative programs that schools throughout the state wanted to emulate it. These were cutting edge programs that were developed by its teachers and not by the superintendent or school board. Teachers were encouraged and allowed to think creatively. In addition, principals were allowed to run their schools, and school boards and superintendents did not micromanage.

Things began to change when the present superintendent was hired for Union 44. We lost many qualified forward thinking teachers that first year. Could it have been the “my way or the highway” attitude they were receiving?

Remember these were teachers who had earned their place at Oak Hill through hard work and dedication. Pat Doyle was one of those dedicated teachers. In this case her loyalty to Oak Hill was stronger than her wisdom, and she stayed.

She has given too much to these communities to let her or her staff be made the scapegoat.

It seems to me that it is time to fire the superintendent, elect new school board representatives, dump the RSU and start over. There’s got to be state funding out there for that kind of overhaul.

Pat Doyle will do her job if left alone and, with support, she will make Oak Hill a model in the state once again.

Joan Willette, Wales

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