AUBURN — Police believe the person who took 17-year-old Kimberly Moreau of Jay from her family in 1986 may still be near.

On Monday, police issued a personal plea for information.

“To that individual responsible for the disappearance of Kimberly, you know who you are and you know that we have a good idea who you are,” State Police Lt. Brian McDonough said. “It is time for you, anonymously if need be, to do the right thing and let this family know where she is.”

Police said they have a “person of interest” but declined to provide a name.

Since the girl’s disappearance, countless people have been interviewed and several locations have been searched again and again. More searches are planned.

“I can assure you, if you come forward, you will be met with professional, compassionate, understanding detectives that will listen and take understanding of your circumstances in considering any mitigating factors,” McDonough said. 

The plea came on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the girl’s disappearance.

On the early morning of May 10, 1986, Kimberly was with an acquaintance, Brian Enman, police said. He dropped her off on Jewell Street near her home.

No one has reported seeing her since.

Meanwhile, Kimberly’s father, Dick Moreau, searches and prints posters with his daughter’s face. He figures he has printed 50,000 of them since Kimberly disappeared, he said.

“Keeping the posters out there just reminds everybody, she’s still missing,” he said.

The years have been excruciating.

“You go through many, many stages to get to this point,” Moreau said, standing quietly at Monday’s news conference in the Hilton Garden Inn Riverwatch with state police troopers, detectives and Jay Police Chief Larry White.

He vowed to never give up his search.

“I’ll let go of it one of two ways: We’ll find her or I’ll die,” he said. “Other than that, no. I won’t give up. She was my baby. “

Since she went missing, her mother has died. Her father’s parents have died. Another girl who reportedly was with Kimberly before her death, Rhonda Britton, was killed in a car accident.

“We have gone and seen psychics,” Moreau said. Last year, the search was profiled on the TV show “Ghost Hunters.”

“I’ve done everything except sell my soul to get Kim home,” Moreau said.

After all these years, he thinks of his daughter’s what ifs — marriage, children and career.

He has given up seeing his girl alive or finding justice for the person or persons responsible. He wants her to be buried. He wants to have a place where he can visit her.

“I want to take her home,” he said.

If anyone has information about the case, they are asked to call the Maine State Police’s Gray barracks at (207) 657-3030.

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