LIVERMORE FALLS — Voters here and in Livermore voted 346-37 Tuesday to close the Livermore Falls Middle School.

The vote in Livermore Falls was 172-24 and in Livermore, it was 174-13.

Regional School Unit 36 directors voted Feb. 7 to close the school due to lack of need and to put the vote before residents in both towns.

Students who would normally attend the Livermore Falls Middle School in 2011-12 will attend Jay Middle School beginning in late August. RSU 36 and Jay will be consolidated into a new school district, RSU 73, as of July 1.

The middle school closure is expected to save $578,434.65. That money has already been absorbed in the proposed RSU 73 budget and $80,000 of it has been included to decommission the Livermore Falls school.

Taxpayers in Livermore and Livermore Falls faced paying the money expected to be saved, if the vote was to keep the school open.

RSU 36 directors are scheduled to certify the vote at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 12, at the Livermore Falls High School cafeteria.

The board will now have to consider what they want to do with the school building.

Options include giving the school back to Livermore Falls or using the gym portion of the building and tearing down the academic portion.

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