From reading the article (April 20) about the Oxford County Commission beginning the process of eminent domain of a road belonging to Dr. Cameron Wake and Celina Adams in Mason Township, it appears that the commissioners are failing to honor the core value of homeowner rights at best and, at worst, are abusing eminent domain and the power of the U.S. Constitution.

Commission members’ actions come across as bullying and hint at the unholy alliance of government and business interests, rather than government for the people, by the people.

As a community advocate, I first met Adams and Wake as volunteers for the regional and national hunger relief organization Share Our Strength.

Since then, I have seen them work to improve their community by being involved in myriad environmental and social justice issues. It is ironic that after all the civic good they have done in Maine — and beyond — that they find themselves having a door slammed on them as they try to work with the county.

The couple has said, and their neighbors back this, that they have no intention of denying access on the road.

I hope when county officials and landowners meet to mediate this matter on June 7, that the commissioners and the public realize that at the heart of this hearing is whether or not the government can take what it wants under the guise of what is easiest and cheapest, disavowing the doctrines of fairness and civil rights.

Denise Wheeler, Rye Beach, N.H.