The following students are members of the senior class at Saint Dominic Academy: Matthew Adams, Zachary Albert, Connor Anthoine, Cali Blackman, Joseph Bosse, Joshua Brown, Kearsten Caiani, Alyse Carney, Christian Coffman,

Kevin Costello, Amanda Cullen, Daniel Curtis, Anna Desjardin, Jackson Erickson, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Charlotte Gaylord, Kayla Gelinas, Hailey Girardin, Sarah Gosselin,

Sophia Goulet, Saumya Gupta, Kyle Hargreaves, Kurt Johnson, Carolyn Joseph, Blake Laliberte, Dustin Landry, Meagan Lawrence, Cody Leavitt, Guy Lemelin, Allison Lewandowski,

Robert Link, Ryan Lussier, Kaitlin Mador, Lydia Martin, Brian Mathieu, Kaila McCracken, Frank Montana, Allaina Murphy, Meghan Murphy, Zachary Nguyen,

Taylor Paquet, Alex Parker, Neal Pavlak, James Poulin, Lauren Ratsep, Brooke Raymond, Isaac Reed, Dylan Rodrigue, Evan Roy, Caroline Sheats,

Jacob Sicotte, Bruce Soper, Hannah Sterling, Taylor Tarr, Reece Teixeira, Theresa Therriault, Hee Won Yea.

Baccalaureate Mass

Date: Thursday, May 26

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Place: Holy Cross Church

Graduation ceremony

Date: Friday, May 27

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Place: At the school

Top Ten

Carolyn Joseph

Frank Montana

James Poulin

Allison Lewandowski

Meghan Murphy

Meagan Lawrence

Robert Link

Zachary Albert

Allaina Murphy

Alex Parker

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