The citizens of Maine got cheated of justice with the lack of a felony fraud trial of the woman who stole money from the Department of Health and Human Services (May 10).

Was the prosecutor/assistant attorney general working for the state of Maine or the defendant? The number and type of plea bargains that were made were an insult to all taxpayers and law-abiding citizens of Maine.

That woman beat the system with the help of the state. She should have been on trial.

The state, legal system and the DHHS were not responsible for her crime or personal situation. She was responsible for her family, no one else.

Now she is hiding behind her family to get reduced sentences, with the state buying the situation, hook, line and sinker. Her problems, made by herself, are not the problems of the citizens of Maine.

The Maine legal system needs to get tough and start enforcing the existing laws, instead of letting criminals off with minor sentences. That might minimize crime in Maine.

I honestly believe that if the DHHS would hire about 20 to 30 investigators to look at the cases the DHHS has, they would find thousands of fraud cases, which could probably pay for those salaries and save the state money.

One big question I have for the DHHS is why a bipolar condition qualifies for SSI when the condition can be controlled by medication. It seems like a lot of  conditions that qualify for benefits should be eliminated.

Raymond Chadwick, Farmington