From the Norway Advertiser Democrat (May 12): “Norway, Paris and Oxford Police participated in a program that recovered 11,000 pounds of drugs statewide.” In 2010, 8,000 pounds were recovered. The article also stated, “These drugs are the second-most abused drugs behind marijuana.”

That raises questions for me. Why are so many prescription drugs not used? Are doctors prescribing too many drugs? How much money is being wasted by  individuals and society through Medicare and Medicaid and insurance payments?

The pharmaceutical industry makes huge profits and will continue to push the use of all kinds of drugs.

I believe the medical profession and society should place much more emphasis on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes and halt the excess dependence on drugs.

I know that Stephens Memorial Hospital offers a variety of classes that encourage healthy choices. I commend it for that.

Nancy Willard, Woodstock