This is in response to the Sun Journal editorial printed May 24. I do not agree with the author’s opinion about firearms.

I do believe there are places that guns do not belong, such as schools and day care centers.

I believe that owning a firearm is my right as a U.S. citizen. People who are responsible with firearms have the right to protect themselves with one. You just don’t know when you might need to protect yourself or loved ones.

Most people never thought that terrorists would take over airplanes and crash them into buildings, so why would anyone assume that going to the local pharmacy or fast food restaurant would be perfectly safe?

I like knowing that I have the ability to protect myself if I am in a situation that calls for it.

People who are going to commit crimes with firearms don’t bother getting permits or taking courses. Responsible people should be able to protect themselves because of what others do.

Bonnie Pratt, Auburn