The Legislature’s Republicans have enacted LD 1333, reforming health insurance by utilizing the best changes in health insurance that have worked in 35 other states.

Many Democrats saw their socialist, single-payer expectations disappear. Their expensive flop, called “Dirigo,” should not be far behind.

The Democrats’ intellectual dishonesty and excessive party loyalty for years has allowed them to ignore reformed states where health insurance costs are lower because there is competition in the market.

Democrats now predict, without foundation, fact or accuracy, all sorts of bad consequences of LD 1333.

A recent Sun Journal article indicated there was significant interest by insurance companies in LD 1333. Most insurers were squeezed out of the market in the early 1990s and would like to return to Maine for competition for business, which will reduce prices.

The Democrat majorities during the past 20 years have had a flawed record. They seem to have had no respect for taxpayers’ burdens. They have clearly ignored state debt. They have created groups that are beholden to government handouts in order to keep those voters in the Democrat column. They have generously conceded points when bargaining with government employee unions (using taxpayer money).

They have done little to make Maine a more business-friendly state, which would improve things for everyone.

Common sense regard for Maine would be welcome. It is refreshing to see the Republicans in charge.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn