PARIS — The owner of a Main Street restaurant said he’s unsure when he’ll reopen after a fire Sunday morning.

Jack Shaner, owner of Shaner’s Family Restaurant, spent much of Monday speaking with his insurance company, a health inspector and others to determine what would be necessary to get the restaurant ready to reopen.

At this point, Shaner said, any date he could give would be “a wild guess.”

Firefighters extinguished a small fire Sunday morning at the restaurant. The fire never entered the dining area, but the building was evacuated. No one was hurt.

Paris fire Chief Brad Frost said Sunday that Shaner was killing weeds with a propane blowtorch, and it appeared sparks got into the walls.

Shaner said most of the damage is due to smoke, which the building’s ventilation system spread through the whole facility. He said actual fire damage is “extremely minimal.”

“The Fire Department did an extremely good job,” Shaner said. He said he’s had a lot of support from people in the community, and several have dropped by to ask when he’d reopen.

For now he said he’s concentrating on getting everything done properly to reopen as soon as possible.

The fire was reported at 8:22 a.m. Sunday. The fire damaged the outside of the building and got into one room where fuel tanks were stored, but the building’s sprinklers put out the flames. Firefighters from the Norway and Oxford fire departments assisted Paris firefighters.

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