100 years ago, 1911

The apple crop in Maine this year will be a big one, according to reports received by The Sun. From Bangor, Pitsmont, and Newburgh sections heavy crops are reported. Livermore, Monmouth, Greene and Winthrop orchard men will reap a heavy harvest, and in Oxford county the yield will be big.

50 years ago, 1961

A Lewiston woman got pretty shook up yesterday, and who could blame her?

She called police to report that a car had stopped in front of her house and that a man got out, walked around to the rear of the vehicle, opened the trunk and got inside. He then closed the trunk on himself.

The lady hadn’t noticed anybody else in the car, but it immediately started up and left the area — the man still inside the trunk.

Police checked out local garages and solved the mystery. It seems the fellow in the trunk was a mechanic trying to locate a rattle. He had been accompanied by another employee, who drove.

25 years ago, 1986

Some 20 students at the Central Maine Medical Center School of Nursing and St. Mary’s Hospital have been awarded scholarships from an endowment fund.

The trustees of the Dr. Gard W. Twaddle Nurses’ Endowment Fund voted recently to award $19,700 in scholarships to the students. The awards, from $500 to $1,600, were based on each recipient’s family size, income and anticipated expenses.

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