HEBRON — Hebron Academy’s lawsuit against the town of Hebron is set for Tuesday in Oxford County Superior Court.

The school is suing the town for tax exemption status. According to Hebron Academy’s complaint, the school retained tax exempt status until 2009, when the town began taxing part of the school’s property, including Robinson Arena. Hebron Academy also requests that all tax money paid to the town be reimbursed.

At a 2010 meeting of the Oxford County Commission, the town argued that Hebron Academy rents out the arena for purposes unrelated to its tax exempt purpose.

According to the lawsuit, the school says it rents out the arena “in a nonprofit manner and Hebron Academy has charged each group reasonable rates in order to cover the expenses of the ice hockey arena.”

The school says any money received by renting out the arena was returned to Hebron Academy’s operating budget. Among evidence the school will present is the annual operating budget for Robinson Arena.

Including general and administrative expenses, the arena costs more than $370,000 annually to run. The school makes about $36,000 in income from renting it out, according to the document.

In 2010, the school requested an abatement against the town for its $19,240 property tax bill for 2009. The school went to the Oxford County Commission on Oct. 19, 2010. Commissioners determined Hebron Academy’s request was not filed in a timely manner and dismissed their request for an abatement.

The school filed the lawsuit on Dec. 1, 2010.

The parties have waived a jury trial. The trial is set to last one day.

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