100 Years Ago, 1912
A well attended entertainment was given in the Musical Union Studio last evening for the benefit of Opportunity Farm at New Gloucester. Victrola records in charge of Robert W. Douglass, many of which were of his own voice, violin solos by Leigh Fenderson and readings by Miss Ethel Gould made up the program. Mr. Douglass was formerly with the Metropolitan Opera Company.

50 Years Ago, 1962
One of the worst prolonged cold waves in recent years continued to hold the Twin Cities in a numbing icy grip, as the mercury skidded to an official low of 26 frigid degrees below zero, shattering a record for the date in the process. For car and homeowners, the cost will be measured in the many thousands of dollars.

25 Years Ago, 1987
Authorities disagree over who should summons a 41-year-old Lewiston man who allegedly made a prank call Sunday from the Androscoggin County Jail to the 911 emergency phone number, claiming that he was holding hostages.
An Auburn police sergeant said dispatchers should contact the sheriff’s office “as we would not get involved in the middle of this.” The man had not been summonsed by Sunday evening.