Karl Marx hated the Judeo/Christian faith and did everything to defy the greatest moral principles ever known to mankind. His adherents today promote quick access to divorce, abortion, cohabitation, gay marriage and more.

Recently, a local news station did a story on the longest marriage in America, 78 years. President Barack Obama learned of the marriage and made public comment on it. The husband of 78 years was a little bit incredulous that his marriage would be noted by President Obama.

I don’t wonder, since Obama dares to redefine true marriage. I have heard it said that Obama has surrounded himself with Marxist folks. Certainly, he shows hatred for his Judeo/Christian faith as he promotes gay marriage — never known in history before.

The words of Richard Land are fitting here: “Social conservatives deeply distrust President Obama, whom they believe to be the most liberal and socially radical president ever. They strongly believe that another four years of his policies will permanently harm the social, economic and cultural fabric of our country.”

I would say, it could destroy the country.

Elaine Graham, Farmington

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