Many people complain bitterly in letters to the Sun Journal about the government, taxes and “freeloaders” living off the system.

We all benefit in some way from government functions such as Social Security, laws and law enforcement, courts, Homeland Security, transportation, food safety, school lunches, a clean environment, national parks, Head Start, Medicaid and Medicare, national defense, veterans’ programs, civil rights, unemployment compensation, worker safety regulations, minimum wage laws, roads and infrastructure, education, a civilized relationship with other countries, and all of the other advantages of living in the U.S.

State governments cannot handle those matters. State taxes would be incredibly high and there would be chaos, with each state going in different directions and passing conflicting laws.

Instead of trying to destroy the government, government officials need to root out fraud and corruption in all programs and ensure that taxation is fair.

This country became great because of people working together for the common good and “promoting the general welfare,” as the U.S. Constitution says.

One way to support this country is for everyone to pay their fair share of taxes. If people receive all the benefits of living here but dodge taxes, they are freeloaders themselves.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

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