FARMINGTON — A New Sharon man who pleaded guilty to criminal use of a laser pointer was sentenced Wednesday to 10 days in jail.

Moses Rollins, 28, pleaded guilty in Franklin County Superior Court to reckless conduct and criminal use of a laser on May 10, 2011.

Justice Michaela Murphy agreed to defer Rollins’ sentencing on the reckless conduct charge. If he complies with a one-year agreement, he won’t be convicted of a felony, Murphy said.

Rollins was one of two men accused last year of being highly intoxicated and firing guns in a barn.

Police were called to a domestic assault case involving another man on Weeks Mills Road. While police were en route to the residence, they heard reports of shots being fired. When police and deputies arrived, shots continued to be fired for about an hour, State Police Trooper Jed Malcore said.

The other man came out of the barn and was arrested.


Police continued to hear gunshots from inside the barn. A short time later, Malcore said, a laser pointer attached to a firearm was seen on police and a police cruiser.

It is against the law to point a laser at a uniformed police officer, Malcore said.

He said Rollins finally came out of the barn and was arrested. Police found a 30-30 rifle with a laser scope at the scene.

Rollins will begin serving his jail sentence March 9. He will remain on a pretrial service contract with the state, if it is approved.

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