In response to Nancy Willard’s letter (Feb. 2) that I should have read the Sun Journal’s Jan. 29 editorial before writing my letter that also appeared Jan. 29, it is a shame, before writing hers, she wasn’t able to read Robert Acheson’s letter (Feb. 1) that, like mine, wasn’t about bullying.

I refuse to ascribe to the anti-American and anti-democracy curriculum, and if anyone is taking bullying tactics from the playbook she alludes to, it is her hero who threatens to shut down the government if his proposals aren’t funded.

Of course, the media don’t report his impeachable acts; most of them are controlled by the management companies of the group that put him in office.

Now, suddenly, the media report 243,000 jobs added and unemployment down from 9 percent to 8.3 percent. Considering that there were 130 million jobs lost in December, 128 million in January, and that no president having an unemployment rate over 8 percent has ever been re-elected, someone is pretty good at sugar coating numbers.

The president has thrown billions of dollars to bailouts without it trickling down to anyone; sent aircraft industry jobs overseas; blocked a pipeline project; halted combat pay to military members in combat zones unless actually being shot at; reduced U.S. defense posture by closing bases and mustering out personnel (which lengthens unemployment lines); and Willard says the party’s goal is to help bring people out of poverty.

With what? Raising the national debt every few months?

That’s regression, not progress.

John R. Davis, South Paris