While I agree wholeheartedly with the Sun Journal editorial Feb. 26 regarding the deplorable state of the nation’s health insurance system, I have plenty of outrage over the last sentence. The editorial suggested that readers may borrow T.R. Reid’s book from their local library, or purchase it online.

I believe that is actually the root of the state’s fiscal problems.

As a local bookstore owner, when I sell a book I collect sales tax for the state. Online sites can sell every type of product, yet collect no sales tax for Maine. Not only are those sites bankrupting local businesses and increasing the rate of unemployment, but they are bankrupting the state coffers by paying no sales tax.

When will this issue be addressed by the governor? And why is my local newspaper contributing to the problem?

Books may be purchased from a local bookstore by walking in, by telephone, or by e-mail, and we’ll support our communities with contributions, services and sales tax.

In the future, I hope the Sun Journal will be more conscious of the effects its recommendations will have on local communities.

Erica Jed, Norway

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