RUMFORD — Some guys will do anything for a good cause, including donning inflatable sumo wrestling suits for a tag-team match that’s sure to go viral on the Internet.

The St. Patrick’s Day Sumo Wrestling Throwdown Showdown at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, March 17, at Mountain Valley High School is a fundraiser for and being hosted by the Greater Rumford Community Center.

The main event is a tag-team match between the principals and assistant principals from both the high school and Dirigo High School in Dixfield. So, it pits Matt Gilbert and Chris Decker against Mike Poulin and Chris Moreau.

“They had it at our Project Graduation last year at the Champions Fitness Club in Waterville,” Poulin said Tuesday morning in Dixfield. “I watched the kids do it and they had a good time doing it, but it looks a little awkward and a little cumbersome at the same time.

“You get all dressed up in that thing and I’m sure balance will be a problem as you’re bouncing around,” he said. “The mechanics seem to be — do your best to stay on your feet — so we’ll see. But, it’s for a good cause. I’m sure we’ll have a good time with it.”

Inflatable sumo suit wrestling is a sport that’s not yet in their resumes, and all but Decker have wrestled traditional-style in younger years. Decker said he did pugil stick wrestling in the Army.

“Zero,” he said of he and Gilbert’s sumo experience. “That’s what makes us such a good team. We’ve never lost.”

As for strategy, Decker said he and Gilbert will rely on Poulin’s and Moreau’s overconfidence to win. Moreau is experienced in the martial arts.

“We’re going to catch them by surprise,” Decker said.

“We’re going to play inexperienced and catch them off guard. Our kids are tougher, therefore, that makes us tougher.

“And we’ll have to get our cheering squad together. I’m sure Mr. Gilbert’s working on that,” he said.

Poulin said he’s relying on Moreau’s skills to help them win.

“He’s the black belt expert, so my strategy is to rely on the talented and younger partner to carry this load,” he said. “I’m sure the Mountain Valley folks are aware of that (black belt). I don’t know how frightened they are, but I know that they’re aware.

“He’s good friends with Matt Gilbert, so I know that Matt’s aware of his martial arts prowess. I think they’re in trouble,” Poulin said.

And thus continues the trash talking well under way between the four.

Moreau and Gilbert are very good friends and wrestled each other in a wrestling event in college.

“Having already pinned Mr. Gilbert once during our careers in the squared circle,  I am quite confident that the A-Team here at Dirigo High School will be more than ‘up’ to the challenge,” Moreau said recently.

“Championship Blue rests solely in Dirigo High School!” he said.

Decker argues otherwise.

“I don’t know Martial or any of his buddies,” he said. “They’re trash talking us, but you have to keep in mind, when you’re at the top of the heap, that’s what the competition does. When you’re No. 1, they try to knock you down.”

All four come from mill towns. Poulin graduated from Rumford High School; the other three from Jay High School.

“So, we’re all mill town people, so it should be a good match,” Decker said. “So it’s the best of the best of the best. I think it’s a world-class match coming up and may the best people win.”

More people are also being sought to participate in matches, such as firefighters, police, community officials in the River Valley and students.

To participate or learn more about the event, visit its Facebook site at, or contact the GreaterRumford Community Center at 369-9906.

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