This is in response to the letter from Gabrielle De Moras (Feb. 25).

Women have the freedom and the right to make other choices that “may bring a host of ailments,” such as smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, eating unhealthy, processed foods, etc. Evidently, the pope has issue with those.

Control of a woman’s reproductive rights should be hers and hers alone.

How many children suffer from being born into situations where they are unwanted to begin with and their presence is resented for the rest of their lives?

Each child born should be from a loving desire and choice to have and rear them, not an accident that could easily have been prevented.

Looking at the huge population problem in India, I don’t think natural family planning is working all that well.


And were the AIDS patients in New York telling the cardinal the truth about using condoms? I’m willing to bet that his visit was a bit intimidating to some very sick people.

Why do we never hear the pope putting up a fuss about men getting vasectomies?

This is the 21st century. There have been incredible advances in technology, science and medicine (including birth control). Why do our social mores about birth control remain so archaic?

Religious and political leaders really should be focused on more pressing issues, of which there are many in this troubled world. If anything, they should be promoting birth control.

People were given free will when created. Sometimes, we make mistakes. We’re human.

Patricia Gagnon, Albany

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