Molly Basile has always been fascinated by cooking. Graham Kerr on TV when she was younger turned into “Iron Chef” episodes when she got older. Now 28, she’s got the job every young cooking show fan/kitchen experimenter dreams of.


(And yes, her last name is Basile.)

Name: Molly Basile

Age: 28

Town: Lewiston

Married/single/relationship: In a relationship. I am very lucky, he is totally awesome.

Job: Chef/manager of Marche restaurant on Lisbon Street in Lewiston

So you’re a chef and your last name is Basile. Like basil. I’m sure I’m the first to point this out to you . . . : Actually, you aren’t! My first name is ironically Molly McButter.

No way. Really? Ha ha, yes. One of the great things about working in a professional kitchen is that you get to make fun of each other a lot!

What got you interested in cooking? I have always loved to cook and have been experimenting in the kitchen since childhood. In elementary school I would tape cooking shows. Graham Kerr, Jeff Smith, etc. It has always fascinated me far more than anything else.

How did you train as a chef? I started as a food runner at 16 and found my way from there. I attended culinary school in Providence, R.I., and have cooked professionally for about 10 years. That is where the real training is.

How did you end up at Marche? I moved back to Maine in early 2010 and got a job at Fuel (on Lisbon Street in Lewiston). Marche opened a few months later and I was lucky enough to be a part of that.

Best dish you’ve ever made? Lobster stew, with roasted lobster cream and smoked potato. Soup is something I find really interesting.

Worst dish you’ve ever tasted? Veal sweetbreads that someone made in college. Inexperience with flavor mixed with something that does not appeal to me at all did not make for a pleasant experience.

What’s the secret to a great crepe? PRACTICE. Making your own batter, and letting it sit overnight first.

What are the oddest ingredients people wouldn’t think go well together but actually do? My old boss would make tuna tartare with pickled ginger and wasabi sorbet. All the favors seem pretty straightforward, but the chill of the ice and the sweetness of the sorbet was fantastic.

Which cooking competition TV show would you totally sign up for: “Iron Chef,” “Chopped” or “Throwdown! with Bobby Flay”? Oh man, I am not competitive. “Iron Chef,” as it is a legend of a competition, and I’ve loved both versions. I have an incredible amount of respect for what they are doing in an hour.

Dream cooking job? I think I have one!

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