NORWAY — A Rowe Elementary School student has published a book on fun ways to play pranks on siblings.

William Eshleman, a sixth-grade student at the Norway elementary school, with the help of his sister Paige Kimball, a 10th-grade student at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School, wrote the book. It highlights the special bond that siblings have and shares some of the fun and good-natured pranks they’ve played on each other over the years.

“Prank and Pray You Get Away!” features more than 60 playful pranks for young siblings that can be done without being mean or cruel.

The goal is  not only to provide fun jokes to play, but to also help siblings develop strong relationships based on laughter and love, lasting into adulthood, said Melissa Eshleman of Find Your Way Publishing, Inc. which published the 152-page book. By having these strong bonds, brothers and sisters can create happy memories with each other, she said.

“It’s fun to play pranks and annoy your siblings from time to time, as long as you know when to stop so that they don’t get really mad. I’m really close with all of my siblings and I think it’s because we joke, laugh, and have fun often,” William said.

“If you have a brother or a sister, you know that at one time or another you’ve pestered and got on each other’s nerves,” Melissa said. “This book provides you with simple, creative ways to play fun pranks and jokes on your brother or sister.”


Melissa said William is an expert at joking around with his brother and sisters. “He thoroughly enjoyed testing the pranks in the book on all of them,” she said.

“This book was written by William, with Paige providing guidance in helping him organize his ideas,” Melissa said. “There’s no doubt that kids of all ages will enjoy the easy, yet entertaining pranks featured in the book.”

William enjoys being outdoors, archery, soccer, basketball, and has participated in competitive diving. He also enjoys reading, swimming, hiking, biking and spending time with family and friends.

His sister Marrae Kimball, a seventh-grade student at Oxford Hills Middle School, is also a published author of several books. She is currently writing a book about the transition from elementary to middle school. It deals with the logistics of entering middle school and the academic and social concerns that students face, including making new friends and the fear of losing old ones.

She is also the author of “Guaranteed Success for Grade School: 50 Easy Things You Can Do Today!” and “Guaranteed Success for Kindergarten: 50 Easy Things You Can Do Today.”

“Prank and Pray You Get Away! Over 60 Fun Jokes to Play on Your Sibling” is available through Find Your Way Publishing, Inc., at Books N Things in Norway, or online at and

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