Get ready for it. The tsunami is coming.

Now that Mitt Romney is the presumed Republican presidential candidate, the money is being released. Money, money, money like you have never seen. Hundreds of millions of dollars.

One man, David Koch, is giving $240 million out of his own pocket to defeat the president. But he earns over $60 thousand per hour, so he can buy what he wants. What he wants is to continue to let his companies pollute, and to get his politicians in every state, including Maine, to write legislation that favors his corporations.

Where is that money going? Just keep watching.

Some of it will be real slime, and not the pink kind kids eat at school.

You’ll see it on TV soon, and you’ll be sick of it by the time November rolls around. That money even wants to put political ads on Public TV — just what the kids need to watch.

Any politician they don’t like is fair game, regardless of what state the politician is in. More than $400,000 came into Maine from out-of-state just days before the last election to overwhelm Maine’s Clean Election candidates who were limited in what they could spend.

If that is how you want to see democracy in action, keep watching.

But the people in Leeds, as millions of others around America, will vote at their town meeting on a resolution for a constitutional amendment against the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, which opened those flood gates.

Richard Fochtmann, Leeds

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