If the voters and taxpayers of RSU 9 feel that the maintenance staff is conscientious, they might not be happy with subcontractors. My advice is don’t allow people to coerce you into making changes.

Because the previous Maine governor wanted the towns to consolidate schools, the voters and taxpayers of Jay, Livermore Falls and Livermore were threatened with penalties if they did not vote to consolidate. He said consolidating would be less expensive. He was wrong.

At least one school needs additions, not only to accommodate more students, but also to meet “codes.” It looks as though our taxes will be higher.

Does anyone suppose the schools in Abraham Lincoln’s days met “codes?”

The women who were quoted in the newspaper article appear to have a lot of common sense, as well as intellect. They are in favor of keeping the present maintenance staff.

On the other side of the fence, grass is not often more green.

Now that we have consolidated, it seems that we won’t have more green in our back pockets, either.

Caveat emptor — good advice.

Janet Kinney, Jay

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