In response to the editorial (April 29), “Accepting a higher good in overflights,” Western Maine Matters is hardly a “vocal minority unwilling to part with a few minutes of silence.”

I am appalled by that editorial, which purports to be the voice of “the ownership and the editorial board” of the paper. Executive Editor Rex Rhoades in no way did his homework.

The final environmental impact statement (promised for more than two years now) on the Condor I and II has yet to be delivered; however, the draft environmental impact statement for the F-35A in Burlington, Vt., has been issued, piggybacking on the Condor I and II. It impacts on the Condor I and II, as the Burlington Air National Guard utilizes the Condor I and II airspace.

The Western Maine Matters’ web page is an excellent repository of the history of the case, which started in 2002, as well as the record of the public hearing in 2009 in Farmington.

I have a passionate interest in this case. As I’ve come to realize (and have stated publicly in the last few years), stewardship is at the core of my being.

If the Massachusetts Air National Guard (and the Vermont Air National Guard) are allowed to practice their maneuvers over more than 24,000 acres in Western Maine, then we have lost a lot of our protectorate of our little part of the world.

Ann Williams, Center Lovell

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