AUBURN —  The voter participation list from the May 8 Auburn school budget referendum will be counted Tuesday afternoon at Auburn Hall, said Acting City Clerk Sue Clements-Dallaire.

The count was scheduled after concerned taxpayers — during a ballot recount Monday — counted the list of voters who checked in to vote on May 8.

The concerned taxpayers found there were 40 more people checked in to vote that day than there were ballots counted.

That seems odd, said taxpayer advocate Tim Doughty. “We’ve had three different totals from the start to the finish,” he said, referring to the initial count that showed the school budget was a tie, then the next day it was declared passed by five votes, 349-344.

“We just want to know” what happened, Doughty said.

Dallaire said city officials have not yet counted the voter participation list. “Hopefully it matches the number of ballots,” she said.

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