On May 23, a man of great stature, a retired U.S. general, Colin Powell, stated on CNN “homosexuals have as stable relationships as heterosexuals, so I don’t see why they can’t marry.”

Was this a responsible statement for a leader, a general to make?

This same man, not too long ago, was adamant that gays would not serve openly in the military.

What changed?

Some say that our fickle youth are making the decision to embrace same-sex marriage. Polls show that our youth are ignorant of the Bible and are also devoid of a worship life.

So, what is the value system under which they operate to carry such a hefty responsibility for the whole of society?

And how could a mature, intelligent man, a leader, fail to understand that to embrace same-sex marriage is to equate, morally, same-sex marriage and traditional marriage?

Will we, as a nation, defy the very moral principles of the Judeo/Christian faith that our country was founded upon? Abandon the teachings of our lord and saviour about marriage and family?

Powell has just released a book and is making tours and making public statements. I would ask him, what message do children in these same-sex households keep in their hearts? That any liaisons are all the same?

In his book, “Nearing Home,” Billy Graham stated that there are “children assaulted on every age level with promiscuous sex, wrong teaching, poor examples and pressure tactics.”

Elaine Graham, Farmington

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