Taylor-Paige Harrison, a good friend of Kylee wrote this about Kylee.

Kylee lived her life for GOD, her husband, her children and to help others. No matter what was going on in her life she always reached her hand out to comfort another. Kylee was a miracle and will continue to be. People that followed Kylee’s blog and her story that didn’t know her were changed by her story, strength and faith. Her family meant the world to her. Those children are her greatest treasures.

She was a believer like no one I know and when I think of Kylee, I picture her with a beautiful smile! She didn’t let the world get her down. She accepted that what happened in life was all part of a bigger plan and she knew God was using her in his. She showed people that even when things seemed bad or too painful they should keep their head up because there was a lesson to learn. Kylee taught me many things. When I sat beside her hospice bed I apologized for crying because I should have been comforting her. She reached her hand over to mine and held it. As she held my hand she said in a whisper “It’s going to be ok, I am going to be ok.” I thanked her for all the little gifts she left me that will remind me of her strength and faith. She said again in a whisper “It’s the little things that matter and we too often overlook them.”

Kylee smiled at the darkest times and loved every moment she had in her life. Often people would thank her for all she did to help them but for her she did not need a thank you, it all came to her so simply. Helping others wasn’t a job or a duty she felt had to be done, it was who she was. There are not enough words to express how Kylee lived her life. If you really want to know just go to the blog she wrote or any Facebook page created for her and her family. You will see so many comments from people that say “though I didn’t know Kylee I followed her story and she is an inspiration.” You don’t have to know Kylee to be changed or touched by her. I was blessed by GOD to have her in my life and my life would never have been the same if I hadn’t. She will be missed by so many people but will continue to touch people’s lives and hearts for many many years to come. She will forever KEEP ON, KEEPIN ON.


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