In the past few years, I have been disheartened by the attacks on Christianity.

Christ has been taken out of Christmas. Crosses, Ten Commandment plaques and nativity scenes have been removed from various locations. And the word “God” has been eliminated from songs, oaths and ceremonies — all in the name of political correctness and separation of church and state.

Freedoms of religion, speech and voting are supposed to be protected by the Constitution for all citizens.

Recently, I saw on FoxNews and confirmed online that Attorney General Eric Holder, appointed and supported by President Barack Obama, called together the ACLU, NAACP and black “church leaders” to educate them on how to energize the minority Democratic base — while protecting their tax-exempt status.

To uphold the federal Voting Rights Act, he also has brought voter ID lawsuits against some swing states six months before the election, knowing full well that the legal system works very slowly. Many of the states have large minority and illegal alien populations, and those states are not easily able to fight the lawsuits due to lack of money.

I thought the attorney general was supposed to be apolitical.

Daniel Webster wrote, “ . . . I am committed against everything which, in my judgment, may weaken, endanger, or destroy (the Constitution) . . . and especially against all extension of Executive power; and I am committed against any attempt to rule the free people of this country by the power and the patronage of the Government itself.”

People should remember that when voting.

Donna Helwig, Auburn

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