RUMFORD — Local performer/magician Scot Grassette will conjure up some of his favorite magical effects for the Rumford Public Library’s Summer Fest 2012. Even though the summer reading program runs from July 1-28, Grassette’s Aug. 8 performance will follow the summer reading theme, Dream Big- Read!

Grassette said, “Much of the art of magic comes from dream. Dreams are a release of the imagination that reading can inspire.”

Grassette recently performed for the public at the River Valley Fourth of July Celebration but this performance will contain many different items and elements.

Have you ever dreamed of pulling money from thin air, controlling the weather, moving an item with your mind? Grassette will do all these things and more on Aug. 8. The performance will include plenty of laughs, audience participation and amazing magic.

Grassette reminds us that there are really no true secrets in magic. All the answers are available in books that are easily accessible, and many are available at the Rumford Public Library.

Aug. 8 is also the wrap up to summer fest and reading awards will be presented after the performance. Door prizes will be drawn and cake and punch will be served.

The Dream BIG – Read, Magic Show will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 8, in the public room at the Rumford Public Library. The show is open to the public with no admission fee. For information go to

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