LEWISTON — Members of the Busy Knitter Group at the Goodwill NeuroRehab Program/Westside have recently knitted and donated purple baby caps for Advocates for Children.

The purple hats will be given out to each new baby born during the months of November and December in Androscoggin County. As part of the national Click for Babies campaign, it is sponsored by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome and Advocates for Children. The color purple was chosen to increase awareness about the Period of PURPLE Crying, a normal period in an infant’s development when they cry more than at other times. This period is often frustrating to parents and caregivers, and can sometimes be the trigger for shaking and/or infant abuse. The campaign promotes bonding, coping strategies and other vital parenting skills.

Each letter in the word PURPLE represents:

* Peak of Crying – The baby may cry more each week, peaking at two months, and then less at three to five months.

* Unexpected – The crying can come and go, with no explanation.

* Resists soothing – The baby might not stop crying no matter what.

* Pain-like face – It may look like the baby is in pain, even when they are not.

* Long-lasting – The baby might cry five hours or more per day.

* Evening – The baby might cry more in the afternoon or evening, just when parents are getting home from work and are tired from a long day.

For more information about Advocates for Children or knitting for the Click for Babies campaign, call 783-3990 or go to www.advocatesforchildren.net.

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