ROXBURY- Residents in the small town were pleasantly surprised when they opened their 2012-2013 tax bill and found that their mill rate dropped from 16.86 (per thousand of valuation), down to 6.93.

“This is absolutely huge for taxpayers,” noted Town Clerk, Renee Hodsdon. “The selectmen even put in a five-year road improvement plan and we’re still able to keep it this low.”

The Record Hill wind towers pay roughly $610,000 in taxes to the town of Roxbury, thus, affording the citizens a break in their taxes.

“It’s been overwhelming to hear from the taxpayers,” noted Hodsdon. “I’ve gotten phone calls from people asking if there was a mistake. Asking if they can expect the second bill later in the year. Everyone I’ve spoken to are pretty pleased.”

Taxpayers also see another break, in that, they receive a check for $111 every three months to cover the cost of their power supply.

During a recent visit from former governor and former owner of the Record Hill project, King noted, “I’ve only heard of two complaints of noise since the towers were finished and haven’t heard of any runoff into the lake. We even went through Hurricane Irene and there was zero runoff. I was, and still am quite impressed with the DEP and their contractors for ensuring me the lake will remain clean and safe.”

The town’s county tax stands at $37,633, Municipal appropriations are $524,004.71 and their local education appropriation is $403,441.72.

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