DEAR SUN SPOTS: Why are they cutting down trees on the Whitman Spring Road in Auburn? Is the city getting paid for lumber? — Nancy Taylor, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots had to dig around a bit for an answer to your question, but finally ended up speaking with Sid Hazelton, district engineer for the Auburn Water District.

It turns out that the tree harvesting you saw is on land owned and managed by the Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission, which was formed in 1993 and consists of officials from Lewiston, Auburn and other towns that have an interest in Lake Auburn, which is the shared source of drinking water for those towns.

The commission members actively manage the watershed (the land around the lake) to protect the water quality. They are selectively harvesting to promote the growth of softwoods and so that the trees will be of varying age, rather than having all older or very young trees.

The commission hires a forester to oversee the cutting process. He contracts with a logging company, which does the actual work. The forester earns a commission and obviously the logging company gets paid, but most of the money comes back to the commission and funds the ongoing work of maintaining the watershed.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: If someone is in their 30-day waiting period for their divorce to be final and remarries, what are the consequences? I have never heard of anyone being charged in Maine for bigamy. Is it a crime in our state? If so, felony or misdemeanor? Thank you for your help. — No Name, No Town

ANSWER: As Sun Spots has noted before, she has a great deal of difficulty getting legal questions answered. The spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office often doesn’t respond to email questions or simply refers Sun Spots to the state website.

In this case, on the Maine Legislature’s website, Sun Spots found “Maine Revised Statute Title 17, Chapter 15: BIGAMY. Table of Contents. Section 351” with REPEALED across the top.

The only Maine statute she found lists it as a Class E crime, which says is “punishable by up to six months incarceration and a $1,000 fine.”

According to, bigamy is a misdemeanor in Maine (in many states it is a felony).

Sun Spots does not know if the situation you describe violates the law; you’ll need an attorney to tell you that. But she can’t picture the local police in hot pursuit. The problem is more likely to be with civil issues, such as child custody, wills, property ownership, etc. For those you will need to consult a lawyer.

Perhaps a lawyer or readers with personal knowledge will write Sun Spots with more information. She needs to know writers’ names, but will withhold them from the column if so desired.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: East Auburn Community School is currently accepting Box Tops and Campbell’s soup labels to help raise money for the PTO. Throughout the year our PTO holds many events for the children, and these two fundraisers are a big help!

In the past we have been able to purchase playground equipment, books, field trips, technology and more all due to the funds raised.

If you have any Box Tops or labels that you would like to donate to the school, please mail them to Attn: PTO, 15 Andrew Drive in Auburn, ME 04210. Thank you! — Jennifer Martel, [email protected]

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